The Building as Character

This was originally posted on November 5, 2018   Memoir Writer’s Journey   November 5, 2018  By Kathy Pooler The Building as Character by Memoirist Marianna Crane   “Home is a shelter from storms—all sorts of storms.” —William J. Bennett     As a family nurse practitioner, I read Marianna Crane’s memoir with great interestContinue reading “The Building as Character”

Nightingale Tales

My new project involves interviewing my classmates from nursing school. We “older nurses” are dying off. Who will be around to tell our stories? As I gear up to start this project, I’m educating myself in the art of interviewing. In the meantime, a serendipitous thing happened. Lynn Dow, RN, wrote about her long careerContinue reading “Nightingale Tales”

Nurses Save Lives

    What a pleasant surprise to read that nurses save lives (italics mine) in a news article yesterday, September 21. Unfortunately, the story was not a happy one. The Raleigh, NC News & Observer detailed the memorial service for the crew of a Duke Life Flight Air Ambulance that crashed on September 8 killingContinue reading “Nurses Save Lives”

A Nurse’s Hands

I came across this post on All Nurses. It’s too lovely not to share. A Nurse’s Hands by VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN Guide Mar 16 2016 I’ve been retired for over two years now, but in a rare contemplative moment, here are a few thoughts on what being a nurse meant to me. Lately I’ve takenContinue reading “A Nurse’s Hands”


Originally posted on Nursing Stories:
In 2014, I finished my memoir. In spite of myself, I persisted and finished. Ten years ago, I left a full time nurse practitioner job and began to write in earnest. The book I just birthed is not the one I started then. It has been configured many times: moving…

Just a Nurse

This is from Suzanne Gordon’s Blog. Ms Gordon is a journalist and stanch supporter and promoter of all things nursing. Recently she asked nurses to respond with their version of “Just a Nurse.” I am delighted to see their feedback. May nurses continue to tell the public what they do and how important their jobContinue reading “Just a Nurse”

A Physician Finally Gets Nursing

I couldn’t write better coverage about Dr. Arnold Relman’s comments about nursing, so I’m reblogging this Post. The comments he made are both “good” and “bad.” Good: Dr. Relman, physician and former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, stated “When nursing is not optimal, patient care is never good.” Bad: Dr. Relman finallyContinue reading “A Physician Finally Gets Nursing”


    NAKED IN THE LABOR/DELIVERY ROOM Written by Ruth Donoghue Time: December in the early ‘90’s. Place: Nursery in a Catholic hospital where 5,000 babies pass through in a year. The call came from unit secretary. A nurse was requested as soon as possible to pick up a baby in delivery/labor room three. (EveryContinue reading “UNCONVENTIONAL NURSING”


The American Nurse Project aims to elevate and celebrate nurses in this country by capturing their personal stories through photography and film. Photographer Carolyn Jones and her team traveled to every corner of the U.S. to record the unique experiences of nurses at work. The photographs and narratives shed light on what it means toContinue reading “THE AMERICAN NURSE PROJECT”