• Martha Stewart,Pilates and Me

    Martha Stewart,Pilates and Me

    I just registered for a Pilates class. My husband laughed at me when I told him I’m taking Pilates because Martha Stewart, who is my age, took the class to get fit to wear a bathing suit for the cover of Sports Illustrated. At 81, she is the magazine’s oldest model. Martha has been my…… Read more

  • The Joys of the 80s.

    The Joys of the 80s.

    When I woke up today I was 81 years old. Well, officially I turn 81 at 3:30 pm or so my mother had told me. I’m headed out to meet my Jersey City friend, Carol, for lunch at our favorite Asian restaurant. We met when we were four years old. As adults, and living in…… Read more

  • The Authority of a Clinic Receptionist

    The Authority of a Clinic Receptionist

    Yesterday a clinic receptionist took me off the “Fall Risk” list. Maybe she noted that I was walking without a cane. That I didn’t have a leg brace. That I came without someone to lean on. She could’ve been a nurse or doctor when she asked why I had fallen. “Were you dizzy? Did you…… Read more

  • Women’s History Month

    Women’s History Month

    In today’s post from Off the Charts (a blog of the American Journal of Nursing): Women’s History Month 2023: Telling Our (Nursing) Stories Shawn Kennedy, editor-in-chief (emerita) The National Women’s History Alliance organizes Women’s History Month each March. This year, the theme, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” was picked to draw attention to “women…… Read more

  • Dad and the Bride Doll

    Originally posted on Nursing Stories: Memories of an Older Nurse: My father, a complicated man, was the oldest son of 10 children. His parents came to America from Naples, Italy via Ellis Island at the turn of the century, and settled down in Jersey City, New Jersey. He left school in the sixth grade to… Read more

  • The Cars in My Life

    The Cars in My Life

          My father bought me a 12-year-old gold Studebaker convertible that was a guy magnet. It was the car he wished he had when he was younger. I had just graduated from nursing school in 1962. At 20 years of age, I had little knowledge of car maintenance. The first time I checked…… Read more

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