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On this website, I share experiences I’ve had over four decades, working in various health care settings, as a nurse and nurse practitioner. I tell the stories of patients I cared for; they taught me far more than any textbook. I write about the special relationships nurses develop with patients and their families and how these differ from doctor/patient relationships. I discuss how nurses struggle to be heard in a hierarchy that so favors physicians.

Marianna Crane

In the 60s, I attended a traditional three-year diploma program and, in 1981, became one of the first gerontological nurse practitioners. Before then, care of the elderly wasn’t considered a specialty, like pediatrics. Older people’s needs were seen as different from those of other age groups. I was on the forefront, providing that care. My book: Stories from the Tenth-Floor Clinic: A Nurse Practitioner Remembers chronicles my challenges in caring for the underserved elderly who lived on the Westside of Chicago. 

IMG_6211Besides sharing my own memories, I spotlight other nurses, especially of a certain age, to tell their stories. Soon, my cohort and I will be gone and who will remember the “olden days of nursing?”

—Marianna Crane


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For more pieces by Marianna Crane, visit the Publication page for a complete list of her works and where they can be read; also, be sure to check out Crane’s blog where she regularly discusses topics relating to nursing, her time working in health care, and updates about her publications.


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