About Me

I have been a nurse for over forty years, working in hospitals, clinics, home care, and hospice settings.

In the 60s, I attended a traditional three-year diploma program and, in 1981, became one of the first gerontological nurse practitioners. Before then, care of the elderly wasn’t considered a specialty, like pediatrics.

My favorite work setting has been home care. On entering a stranger’s home, nurses never know what they’ll find—an empty fridge, filth, extreme isolation, a loving family or a fractured one. They rely on their skill and knowledge, what they packed in their nurse’s bag and improvise the rest. Most important they must develop a trusting relationship with the patient and family to obtain a positive outcome.

After retiring from nursing, I focused my attention on writing by taking classes, attending workshops and conferences, and joining a writing group.

My work has appeared in The New York Times, Eno River Literary Journal, Examined Life Journal, Hospital Drive, Stories That Need to be Told, among others.

My book: Stories from the Tenth-Floor Clinic: A Nurse Practitioner Remembers, chronicles my challenges in caring for the underserved elderly who lived on the Westside of Chicago.

I live with my husband in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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