Women’s History Month

In today’s post from Off the Charts (a blog of the American Journal of Nursing): Women’s History Month 2023: Telling Our (Nursing) Stories Shawn Kennedy, editor-in-chief (emerita) The National Women’s History Alliance organizes Women’s History Month each March. This year, the theme, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” was picked to draw attention to “women…… Continue reading Women’s History Month

Where Am I Going With My Blog? Here Is the Answer

Throughout my long nursing career, I have felt nurses were mostly invisible. So, from the beginning of my first post eleven years ago, I have stressed that nurses: Were rarely recognized as making a difference in the health care delivery system Have had little input into the policies that affected their practice Were seldom sought…… Continue reading Where Am I Going With My Blog? Here Is the Answer

Bittersweet Reunion

Have you ever called a friend because you had a feeling that something awful happened to them? I have and usually it’s a false alarm. I hadn’t heard from our old friends, Jim and Sue (not their real names), in a few months. I had an uncomfortable feeling that things were not right with them.…… Continue reading Bittersweet Reunion

When A Compliment Is Not A Compliment.

I’ve written many posts about ageism. What I’ve not addressed is how older persons could react to the “compliment” that we look or act so “young,” as if youth is the gold standard and “aging” is undesirable. (Notice I did not say SHOULD since I’m not giving advice but laying out my thoughts on ageism) …… Continue reading When A Compliment Is Not A Compliment.