Milestone Birthday

I celebrated my last milestone birthday ten years ago in Paris. I thought this current milestone would find me riding on an elephant like Gloria Steinem on her 80th. Instead, my husband and I will drive three hours to the North Carolina Coast and spend two weeks in an oceanfront rental on the beach. My…… Continue reading Milestone Birthday

Writing with Humor

“It’s not what happens in your life but how you write about it.”                                                 —David Sedaris, Master Class: Storytelling and Humor I watched David Sedaris talk on Master Class the other night. I got hooked right away when he said that everything is funny—eventually. David Sedaris Lately, I’ve been feeling preoccupied with the complexity of…… Continue reading Writing with Humor

Alphabet Challenge

I’ve signed onto The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2021. Starting Thursday, April 1, I’ll begin to blog about Places I Have Been and every day going forward, except on Sundays, I’ll write a new post using a consecutive letter of the alphabet. I’ll end on Friday, April 30 when I finally focus on the letter…… Continue reading Alphabet Challenge

A Physician’s Story

   I haven’t posted any stories about what physicians face when working on the front lines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, my Blog is about nursing. In more recent years, the collaboration between nurses and physicians has grown. The professions work together with more mutual respect than when I began my nursing career. And…… Continue reading A Physician’s Story