Growing Older – On Turning 77

My friend, Lois, turns 77 and shares her thoughts on celebrating her birthday without her husband, Marv, and cooking a dinner for her family.

Write Along with Me

“Can I help you?“ a butcher yelled from a packaged meat display.

A few feet away, I was standing, clueless, in front of an impressive array of glass-encased chunks of red meat. “Yes, I guess,” I bellowed back. When he was situated across from me, I asked, “How many pounds of a chuck roast do I need to serve six adults?”

“About three and a half.”

“How long would I have to bake it in the oven?”

After he outlined exact hours and temperatures, I gushed my thanks. “It will be the first roast I’ve made in forty-seven years; I want to impress my family.” After no response, I added, “I’ll take about four pounds; I’ll want left overs.”

As excited as I was to purchase this $25.00 piece of thick, marbled and bladed meat, his bland facial expression told me he was not interested in why it was the…

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Cooking from Memories


I have always loved to cook. Well, maybe less so lately with only two people to feed. Thankfully, my husband has begun to enjoy the heat of the kitchen.

Over the years, we have collected a variety of cookbooks. Even after parting with some of them before moving to our new townhouse, we still have two full bookcases: one upstairs, Upstairs bookcase




and one smaller one on the first floor near the kitchen. downstairs bookcareAnd we have a three-ring binder stuffed with old favorites we have cut out from newspapers and magazines.

I have kept my Mom’s old hand-written recipes mom's recipeand some of her cookbooks,'s cookbooks

In planning our family Christmas dinner, which is at our house each year, we are searching for meal plans. Of course, we can always Google recipes but how much more fun to find those with memories attached?


open pages of cookbook
a favorite recipe

May your holidays be filled with good food, cherished memories, and the closeness of loved ones.

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