I Am Grateful to the Nurses

In 2013 I toured the new intensive care units back at the hospital where I volunteer. At the time I was acutely aware how outdated my nursing skills were and realized that I wouldn’t even be safe to flip on a light switch. The state-of-the-art machines were daunting. I never thought that three years later … Continue reading  I Am Grateful to the Nurses

The Surreal Hospital Experience

My husband was discharged from the hospital following two heart valve replacements, and a week later was readmitted with a side effect of the surgery that occurs ten percent of the time. He was taken to his room directly from the ER. I hadn’t the foresight to bring along my coloring book and pencils—mindless relaxing … Continue reading The Surreal Hospital Experience

Unconventional Nursing

This Post from 2012--written by my fellow nursing classmate, Ruth Donoghue--describes an episode occurring in the early '90s. Early ‘90’s December NAKED IN THE DELIVERY ROOM Nursery in a Catholic hospital where 5,000 babies pass through in a year The call comes via unit secretary A nurse is requested as soon as possible to pick … Continue reading Unconventional Nursing


I couldn't pass up sharing this article in Consumer Reports about nurse practitioners and physician assistants especially since I just registered with my new provider, a nurse practitioner a week ago. She and a physician assistant cover for each other. Best of both worlds. Check the comments, which are so positive. When a nurse is … Continue reading WHEN A NURSE IS AS GOOD AS A DOCTOR


Last week, I attended the second and last part of the TeamStepps workshop. In another post (“Was I Dreaming?”) I described the first workshop and my surprise at how the doctors willingly and enthusiastically participated in the dialogue and group activities. What would I find this time around? TeamStepps is a program that promotes teamwork … Continue reading WAS I DREAMING? PART TWO