A couple of weeks ago, as I followed our tour group, I saw this sign over a storefront on a busy street in Galway. How surprising to see that Reiki was practiced in Ireland.

Well, not so surprising says my friend, fellow nurse practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher, Jane Van De Velde, who tells me “Ireland has a huge Reiki community! I have met Irish practitioners in some of my Reiki travels.”

Check out her latest newsletter.

                                                                                       November 2012
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 Dear Marianna

Greetings to all!  It is always time to “get busy” again when autumn arrives. The Reiki Share Project is developing new programs, seeking new venues and spreading the good news about Reiki.  Our work continues!
 Long- Standing Reiki Clinic at Edward Hospital
LInda and Janice
Linda & Janice

In 2004, Linda Conlin, LCSW, was given the task of starting a psychosocial program at the Edward Hospital Cancer Center in Naperville, IL. “My goal was to develop a holistic program that included personal counseling, financial assistance, complementary therapies, networking groups, children’s camp, and educational programs for both patients and families.” Programs include exercise, yoga, meditation, Reiki, and nutrition education. “We had no budget so we have depended on professional volunteers to provide many of these services.”

Linda first learned about Reiki from a co-worker who is a Reiki Master. “Eight years ago, very few people had heard of Reiki. I needed an understanding of what Reiki is and how it could be presented credibly in a health care setting.” Linda was introduced to Reiki Master Teacher Janice Spoelma who agreed to provide her expertise in setting up and supervising the new Reiki Clinic at the Cancer Center. Janice carefully recruited Reiki Master volunteers for this program. “It takes a special person to work with people who have a serious illness such as cancer.” Janice now has approximately 20 Reiki volunteers who offer their services.

For the past eight years, this free clinic has been held once a month during evening hours at the Cancer Center. Patients, caregivers, and staff are welcome to attend and receive 10-minute Reiki sessions. On average, the clinic has 10-12 participants each month. Linda Conlin recalls that “we were one of the very first Reiki clinics in the Chicago area. I had many calls from around the Midwest asking about our program and how we were able to bring Reiki into a healthcare setting.”

This clinic has been well received and supported by medical, nursing, and social work staff. Both Linda and Janice agree that participants “love the Reiki Clinic” and often return bringing friends and family to experience Reiki.   According to Janice, a number of people who are cancer survivors of many years also regularly visit the clinic. “It is so wonderful to see people who are newly diagnosed with cancer interacting with these survivors who are thriving and living their lives.”

Edward Hospital Cancer Center has created its own Reiki community. Says Janice, “the Reiki Clinic has given people the chance to open up and explore other possibilities, other ways to experience relaxation and healing.”

Help Us Share the Gift of Reiki–Make a Gift
Please consider making an “end-of-year” tax-deductible donation toThe Reiki Share Project.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Illinois. Your donation will support our work in making Reiki classes available at little or no cost to people and families who are dealing with serious illness and disability.

Your donation will be gratefully accepted! Thank you!

Average Scores GraphReiki Can Make a Difference
Quality improvement data was recently gathered by Wellness House, a nonprofit organization that provides programs for those with cancer. Participants were asked to rate their stress, pain, & anxiety on a 0-10 scale before and after their Reiki sessions. The survey results are illustrated in the above chart.  It appears that Reiki helped to lower the reported levels of stress, pain, and anxiety for this particular group.
Reiki for Kids & Teens
Kids can learn Reiki too! The Reiki Share Project is in the process of developing Reiki programs for both children and teenagers in cooperation with Wellness House which provides programs for those dealing with cancer. The first program, “Reiki for Families”, will be offered in February, 2013 and will bring children (ages 7-11) and their parents together for a day of learning how to connect with Reiki and share it with each other. This class is for families who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer and who are seeking ways to bring peace and healing into their homes. The second program is for teens whose lives have been touched by cancer.We are interested in hearing from our Reiki readers—do you have experience in teaching Reiki to children or teens? TRSP will keep readers updated on these two new programs!
Thank you for reading our newsletter!  If you have any questions or comments about our work, we would love to hear from you.  Send us an email.  Wishing you many blessings during this season of gratitude!


Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN
Reiki Master Teacher  

The Reiki Share Project


My nursing career has taken me down many paths over the years. Presently, I am a Reiki Master Teacher as well as the founder of a nonprofit organization called The Reiki Share Project.

People often ask me what I “do.” And I usually begin by telling them that I am a registered nurse.

Their next question is…”Where do you work?”

This question always trips me up. People seem to think that if you aren’t employed as a nurse, then you stop being a nurse.

However, in my heart and my mind, I am always a nurse—no matter what. My nursing education and experience influences the way I view and interact with the world on a daily basis.

Thanks to all those client caseloads that I managed, the patient assessments I conducted and plans of care I wrote and implemented over the years; thanks to all those papers I wrote for graduate school—I am very systematic in my everyday approach to problem solving, organizing my life, and getting things done. My experience in dealing with patients also serves me well in my Reiki practice. And I have found joy and satisfaction in the process of writing articles, developing Reiki teaching curriculums and putting together newsletters for my nonprofit organization.

Thanks to that dying hospice patient who taught me that even though her life was nearly over, she could still experience healing on many levels—I bring that lesson forward to my Reiki practice knowing that even though curing many diseases may not be possible, there is always the potential for healing.

Thanks to all those hours of attending to patients and caregivers—I have honed my listening skills and have learned that sometimes that’s all that people want—just to be heard. So my husband, children, family, friends, and Reiki clients give me the opportunity to continue refining these skills.

Thanks to all those elderly homebound clients I visited who served me coffee and cookies, treated me like an honored guest, and sometimes begged me to stay just a little bit longer. I learned that simply being quietly present is a wonderful gift that we can give to others. Our “time” is a gift.

So, I continue to do my nursing work every day both personally and professionally in my Reiki practice. And I have developed a new response to the question: where do you work? I tell people that I am self-employed.

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