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Nurses of a Certain Age

Excepted from Off the Charts, May 31, 2017   AJN Facebook Readers on Influences, Public Attitudes to Nursing, Practices of Yesterday by Betsy Todd, MPH, RN, CIC  What do you remember from early in your career that would never be seen or done today? We “nurses of a certain age” remember!—and we’re amazed at how… Continue reading Nurses of a Certain Age

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NURSES ARE THE MOST TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS This is from the Medscape Medical News Nurses Remain Nation's Most Trusted Professionals Jenni Laidman  Dec 06, 2012 Authors & Disclosures Medical professionals are among the most trusted people in the United States, a new Gallup survey shows, with 85% of survey respondents ranking nurses highest for honesty and ethics, followed by… Continue reading NOT SURPRISING NURSES ARE THE MOST TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS