Out of the Shadows by Marianna Crane

Wrote this for ElderChicks yesterday.


Writing I love reading all the ElderChick posts by women my age. Such a varied, interesting and involved group. Many are writing memoirs as I am and if we all get published just think what an education we are giving the rest of society! No more “invisible” older women!

Ten years ago, right after I retired as a nurse practitioner, I began to take my “hobby” of writing seriously. I have been lucky to get some of my stories published. My memoir about my nursing career is almost completed. Now I am learning about the rapidly changing aspects of publication.

I am grateful for my energy, health and curiosity that permits me to enjoy this season of my life. (Feel free to visit my blog at https://nursingstories.org/).

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By Marianna Crane

After a long career in nursing--I was one of the first certified gerontological nurse practitioners--I am now a writer. My writings center around patients I have had over the years that continue to haunt my memory unless I record their stories. In addition, I write about growing older, confronting ageism, creativity and food. My memoir, "Stories from the Tenth Floor Clinic: A Nurse Practitioner Remembers" is available where ever books are sold.


  1. Marianna, thank you so much for pointing me in this direction. I love to hear from readers. i’ve also joined a “meet up” group in my city of Silver Spring, MD in hopes of expanding my skills.

    I’ve also gotten wonderful replies about the empowerment other seniors, and about to be seniors, feel when reading my/our/every senior writers words.



  2. This is so true, Marianna. I wrote my “memoirs” too, and made a copy for each of my grandchildren. I hope they’ll want to read it. The problem with knowing everything we’ve learned is that it’s really hard to pass it on. It seems that kids have to learn about life for themselves, no matter how much we try to help them learn from our own mistakes and triumphs.


    1. You know what I think, Barbara? The kids will become older and wiser and then will be interested in our stories. Too bad we probably won’t be around to see this happen.


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