Alphabet Challenge: Y

I’ve signed onto The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2021.

The challenge is to blog the whole alphabet in April and write at least 100 words on a topic that corresponds to the letter of the day. 

Every day, excluding Sundays, I’m blogging about Places I Have Been. The last post will be on Friday, April 30 when I finally focus on the letter Z. 

Y: Yacht Club

Sometime back in the 80’s I decided I wanted to learn to sail. Never mind that I had no boat, no plans on buying a boat, no friends who sailed or had a boat or wanted to take a class with me, and I had husband who couldn’t swim and didn’t have the same desire to sail as I had. I registered for classes that were held in the evening at a yacht club on Lake Michigan. 

About thirty of us sat on folding chairs in a large wood-paneled room facing a plain stage. On the stage, two men stood sipping from glasses that I thought could be filled with gin and proceeded to do a comedic take on sailing. One of them resembled Robert Redford. I can’t remember taking notes or having any handouts. I came every week because after the “class” we would sail on Lake Michigan. Members of the yacht club made their boats available for us students, hoping some of us would join the club and come back to crew for them in the future. 

We were assigned a different boat each week. Some of the boat owners loosened the rules and offered beer to the students. All of the owners gave us the opportunity to navigate their boat. 

Skimming along the waters of Lake Michigan as the Chicago shoreline receded and the sky darkened, allowing the stars to sparkle overhead, always took my breath away.  

One night a storm came up abruptly while we were out on the lake. Thankfully, I’d been assigned to one of the larger boats with a captain who adhered to the rules of not allowing alcohol. A small boat not far from us was having difficulty fighting the wind. All I can remember was the swift and professional action of our captain as he tossed a line to the distressed boat  and the “thank yous” from the grateful crew as they docked at the pier safely behind us. 

Just as quickly as the wind roared, the wind stopped. I tumbled off the boat on jello legs. 

After graduation, I didn’t join the yacht club.