Alphabet Challenge: G

I’ve signed onto The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2021.

The challenge is to blog the whole alphabet in April and write at least 100 words on a topic that corresponds to the letter of the day. 

Every day, excluding Sundays, I’m blogging about Places I Have Been. The last post will be on Friday, April 30 when I finally focus on the letter Z. 

G: Governors State University

Governors State University founded in 1969. Thirty miles south of Chicago

I went back to school for my baccalaureate degree in nursing when I was in my late 30’s. I’d been a nurse for twelve years and was eager to increase my skill level and deepen my professional knowledge. 

The college was recently built, close to my home and had an Olympic size swimming pool run by the YMCA. In my spare time, I became a certified lifeguard—a personal challenge not a career choice. I was still a nurse but now if my patients were drowning, I would save them. 

The best part was that Governors State University didn’t issue grades. That’s not a typo. GSU issued units of credits/competences. I had the freedom to simply enjoy the process of mastering new information. It was a sublime experience. 

My transcript

Unfortunately, under pressure, GSU reverted to a traditional grading system soon after I graduated. 

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