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INVISIBLE Part 2 of 3

“When did you urinate last?” Ms. O looked at me blankly. “I’m going to press over your bladder,” I said. I reached under the hospital gown and pushed over her pubic area. My fingers felt a soft swelling. Ms. O winced. “I think you’d feel better if I passed a tube into your bladder and… Continue reading INVISIBLE Part 2 of 3

Memoir, Nursing Stories

INVISIBLE Part 1 of 3

"Invisible," by Marianna Crane, originally appeared in the Examined Life Journal.     The cardinal rule of the game is that open disagreement between the players must be avoided at all costs. Thus, the nurse must communicate her recommendations (to the physician) without appearing to be making a recommendation statement. - - - The greater… Continue reading INVISIBLE Part 1 of 3

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01/29/2012 BY MARIANNA CRANE When you have been a nurse as long as I have there are patients who take residence in your memories and resurface frequently. They could almost be family except they have a short history in your life. What they were like before or after you knew them usually remains a mystery.… Continue reading THERE ARE SOME PATIENTS WE NEVER FORGET