My friend and mentor, Carol Henderson, wrote this for our local newspaper. It is a fitting supplement to my last post: Family Stories. May 14, 2013 One of my cousins recently sent out a letter about our grandparents on my dad’s side, giving us some details from their lives. None of us knew much about… Continue reading SWEEPING AWAY THE PAST

Nursing Stories


A few years ago, I started to snail-mail a list of questions to my Aunt Anna and she would write down the responses on the pages and mail them back to me. She was my father’s youngest sister and last survivor from a family of ten—five boys and five girls. I entered some of her… Continue reading FAMILIES STORIES

Memoir, Nursing Stories, Writing the Book


I spent part of last week at the Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, North Carolina working on my memoir. There was a sign on the door, DO NOT ENTER, WRITER IN RESIDENCE, which led to the hallway where I and another writer had accommodations. My room was the Paul Green room and the second was the Thomas… Continue reading WRITER IN RESIDENCE